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Grand Tech Plan
by ElephantU

My Grand Tech Plan

I was looking at the "Paulicy" for OCC and felt there were a lot of missing details in the tech plan, so I started an "exhaustive" list. Later I added in some "diversions" for Multi-City (such as MonoTheism and Theology) and Modern Warfare. Here's my rough draft - comments, criticisms, improvements wanted. (Much credit given to many others at CFC and Apolyton.)


This list is organized to develop a CIV2 empire for SpaceShip launch, whether by One City Challenge (OCC) or Early Landing/Minimum Multiple Cities(EL/MMC). Techs are grouped progressively, with some early options and warfare side-tracks noted. Each tech lists its prerequisites and the units and wonders it makes available, as well as those it obsoletes. The list assumes no free starting techs; priorities should be re-examined if free starting techs are available. Strategies such as Early Republic or Fast Hanging Gardens work best with appropriate starting techs. Wherever possible try to trade for a 2nd or 3rd gen tech like Wheel, Construction, Iron or Chivalry so you can skip the carrying costs of its unnecessary prerequisites. Once the Super Science/Trade City cranks up it will generate a tech every one or two turns all on its own, so the AI quickly runs out of useful techs to trade.

Assumptions: - Deity level (1st citizen content, 2nd unhappy) - Medium map (50x80), Round World - Barbs at Raging Hordes (150 gold for BarbLeader) - 4xSpecial SSC spot near starting point - 7 Civs, Restarts On (preferred) - no rehoming of caravans/freights OCC STRATEGY: - do Early Science Options, get SHAKES & max city; get Refrig as early off-tech, - work up to 25 or 50 Shields/turn to build up food caravans/freights, - then 80+ (base 32+Fact,Pwr,Manuf) at SpaceFlight; - bribe barbs & other civ units to eliminate supported units (esp: 2 Engineers!). EL/MC STRATEGY: - settle 6-8 cities close together ASAP, prioritize SSC/STC development, - after Explosives, move leftover Settlers out as far-away colonies (4-6), - try to minimize number of cities to prevent First Citizen Unhappy problem: (Medium Map: Desp=4, Mon=6, Rep=8, Dem=10), - get city research up to 1tech/turn, use caravans/freights for 2nd, - stockpile food freights and gold for 2-turn spaceship build after Apollo. Super Science/Trade City: - 4x high-Trade Special tiles (outer corners) in city radius (best: Gold=6,Wine/Gems/Spice/Ivory=4,Whale/Silk/Furs=3) - Library,University,ResearchLab for beakers - MarketPlace,Bank,StockExch for gold and luxuries - Temple early helps WLTCD growth - SuperHighways adds extra Trade on Rd/RR land - HANGING GARDENS helps happiness and early growth (expires at RailRoad) - COLOSSUS adds Trade (delay Flight to extend life) - COPERNICUS and NEWTON multiply research - SHAKESPEARE keeps everyone content in large city without luxuries - KINGRICH adds production if city has lots of unproductive water - road and irrigate everything for maximum food&trade, at least 10 shields Special flags: * are starter techs - are progressive prerequisites to SpaceShip techs @ are last-steps to spaceship techs (withold from tech-gifting) $ are techs that change trade bonuses # are techs that obsolete Barracks % are pollution techs +/- GOAL: Monarchy & Writing, 20 & 30 shield units for PRBing (NOTE:Monarchy is off-path for SpaceShip, but helps early growth because Settlers take only one food each and three units are supported free by each city, plus Martial Law) *Bronze(Phalanx(20),COLOSSUS-200) *CerBur(Temple) *Alph -Alph= CodeLaws(Courthouse) CerBur+CodeLaws= MONARCHY -Alph= Writing(Diplomat(30),Library) ...[DIRECT-2-REPUBLIC OPTION: ...(NOTE:Republic has less corruption and higher trade=>research rates) ...[*Bronze(Phalanx(20),COLOSSUS-200) ...[*Alph ...[-Alph= Writing(Diplomat(30),Library) ...[-Alph= CodeLaws(Courthouse) ...[-CodeLaws+Writing= Literacy(GREATLIB-300) ...[-Lit+CodeLaws= REPUBLIC ...[*CerBur(Temple) ...[EARLY WAR OPTION: ...(NOTE:Early SpaceShips require pacifism and appeasement...) ...[*WarCode(Archer) ...[-WarCode+Monar= Feudalism(Pike,SUNTZU-300,xWarrior) ...[*Horse(Horse) ...[-Feud+Horse= Chivalry(Knight,xHorse) GOAL: Trade & Maps (prestart settlers for caravans=>MPE) (NOTE:Marco Polo allows manipulation of AI research, early alliances and map trading) -Bronze= Currency(MarketPlace) -Curr+CodeLaws= Trade(Caravan,MARCOPOLO-200) -Alph= Maps(Trireme,LIGHTHOUSE-200,) ...[EARLY CONSTRUCTION/SCIENCE OPTIONS: ...[-CerBur= Mysticism(2xTemple,ORACLE-300) ...[*Masonry(Walls,GREATWALL-300,PYRAMIDS-200) ...[-Mason+Curr= Construct(Aquaduct(sz12),Colosseum,Fort) ...[PAULICY HAS REPUBLIC HERE... ...[-Alph+Masonry= Mathematics(Catapult) ...[-Myst+Math= Astronomy(COPERNICUS-300) ...[EARLY SEA/NAV OPTION: ...[*Pottery(Granary,HANGGARDENS-200) ...(NOTE:getting Pottery increases cities producing Salt!) ...[-Maps+Pottery= Seafaring(Explorer,Harbor) ...[-Seafar+Astron= $Navigation(Caravel,MAGELLAN-400) ...(Nav PLUS Inv lowers delivery bonuses) GOAL: Philosophy (first discoverer gets free tech!) -CerBur= Mysticism(2xTemple,ORACLE-300) -Writing+CodeLaw= Literacy(GREATLIB-300) -Lit+Myst= Philosophy(freebie tech!) ...[EARLY SCIENCE OPTION-2: ...[-Philos+Math= University(Univ) ...[-Univ+Astron= ThGravity(ISAACNEWTON-400) ...[2ND EARLY REPUBLIC OPTION: ...[-Lit+CodeLaws= REPUBLIC GOAL: Medicine(SHAKES)->Republic ...OR MonoTheism(MIKES)->Republic (NOTE:PolyTheism and MonoTheism are off-path techs, but decrease helper city unhappiness) -Philos+Trade= Medicine(SHAKES-300) OR: *Horse(Horse) Horse+CerBur= PolyTheism(Elephant) Poly+Philos= MonoTheism(Crusader,Cathedral,MIKESCHAPEL-400) THEN (EARLY REPUBLIC): -Lit+CodeLaws= REPUBLIC (NOTE: Republic may be delayed while building infrastructure) -Republic+Trade= Bank(Bank) ...[EARLY FEUD/BACH OPTION (kills Warrior early): ...[*WarCode(Archer) ...[-WarCode+Monar= Feudalism(Pike,SUNTZU-300,xWarrior) ...[Feud+MonoTh= Theology(JSBACH-400,xORACLE) GOAL: Infrastructure-Aquaduct,Sewer,Harbor *Masonry(Walls,GREATWALL-300,PYRAMIDS-200) -Mason+Curr= Construction(Aquaduct(sz12),Colosseum,Fort) *Pottery(Granary,HANGGARDENS-200) (NOTE:getting Pottery increases cities producing Salt!) -Maps+Pottery= Seafaring(Explorer,Harbor) (OCC)*Horse(Horse) -Horse(Horse)= Wheel(Chariot) -Constr+Wheel= Engineering(KINGRICH-300) Eng+Med= Sanitation(Sewers(sz13+)) ...[LATE REPUBLIC OPTION: ...[-Lit+CodeLaws= REPUBLIC ...[-Republic+Trade= Bank(Bank) GOAL: COPERNICUS,NEWTON,StockExch -Alph+Masonry= Math(Catapult) -Philos+Math= University(Univ) -Myst+Math= Astronomy(COPERNICUS-300) ...[2ND EARLY NAVIGATION OPTION: ...[-Seafar+Astron= $Navigation(Caravel,MAGELLAN-400) -Univ+Astron= ThGravity(ISAACNEWTON-400) -Univ+Bank= Economics(StockExch,ADAMSMITH-400) GOAL: Democracy (NOTE:delaying gifting Democracy allows more bribing opportunities) -Seafar+Astron= $Navigation(Caravel,MAGELLAN-400) (NOTE:Nav PLUS Inv lowers delivery bonuses) -Nav+Lit= Physics *WarCode(Archer) -WarCode+Bronze= Iron(Legion) -Phys+Iron= Magnetism(Frigate,Galleon,xLIGHTHSE) (NOTE:in Democracy Triremes & Caravels at sea cause double red shields) -Eng+Lit= $Invention(LEOS-400) (NOTE:Invention cancels "Scrolls of Ancient Wisdom" from Huts) -Invent+Bank= DEMOCRACY(STATUE-400) (NOTE:extra Happy citizen for each Palace or Courthouse) GOAL: (EARLY) Gunpowder,Explosives (NOTE:delaying Gunpowder allows more PartialRushBuying using Warriors) -Invent+Iron= #Gunpowder(Musketeer,xWarrior et al) ...[EARLY LEADERSHIP(DRAGOONS) OPTION: ...[-WarCode+Monar= Feudalism(Pike,SUNTZU-300,xWarrior) ...[-Feud+Horse= Chivalry(Knight,xHorse) ...[-Chiv+Gun= Leadership(Dragoon) ...[EARLY ELEC/RIFLE/REFRIG OPTION: ...[-Gun+Univ= Metallurgy(Cannon,CoastFort,xGRWALL) ...[-Metal+Democ= Conscription(Riflemen) ...[-Metal+Magnet= Electricity(Destroyer,xGRLIB) ...[Elec+San= Refrigeration(SuperMarket,Farmland) -Univ+Med= Chemistry -Gun+Chem= Explosives(Engineer) (NOTE: Engineers work twice as fast as Settlers,plus can transform terrain; also, Explosives cancels Nomad Settlers from Huts) ...[ISLAND OCC- Delay Indust to minimize loss of KINGRICH- ...[get everything else but critical path: ...[INDUST:Corp:Steel:Electro:MachTool:MINIATUR (OffshorePlatform) GOAL: Industrialization -Iron+Constr= Bridge -Physics+Invention= SteamEng(Ironclad,EIFFEL-300) -SteamEng+Bridge= $Railroad(build RR,DARWIN-400,xHANG-GDNS) -RR+Bank= %Indust(Factory,Transport,WOMENSUF-600,xKINGRICH) (NOTE: Indust seems to decrease AI civ attitudes) ...[EARLIEST SPIES OPTION - can insert anywhere later: ...[Indust+Philos= Communism(PoliceSta,UN-600,xMARCOPOLO) ...[Communism+Democ= Espionage(Spy) GOAL: EARLY Corp/Freight -Indust+Econ= $Corporation(Freight) ...[LATE GUNPOWDER/EXPLOSIVES OPTION HERE] GOAL: Electricity -Gun+Univ= Metallurgy(Cannon,CoastFort,xGRWALL) -Metal+Magnet= Electricity(Destroyer,xGRLIB) ...[EARLY REFRIG OPTION: ...(NOTE:Refrig is off-path to SpaceShip, but allows more Scientists in SSC/STC) ...[Elec+San= Refrigeration(SuperMarket,Farmland) ...[EARLY ELECTRONICS OPTION (needs Early Corp): ...[-Corp+Elec= Electronics(HydroPlant,HOOVER-600) ...[LATE CORP/FREIGHT OPTION] GOAL: Auto/SuperHighway & MassProd/MassTransit -Elec+Indust= Steel(Cruiser) -Corp+Chem= @Refine(PowerPlant) -Refine+Explos= Combust(Sub) (NOTE:beware gifting Combust: AI pursues Flight to kill your Colossus) ...[EARLY FLIGHT OPTION: ...[-Combust+ThGrav= $Flight(Fighter,xCOLOSSUS) ...[LAST-CHANCE TACTICS BEFORE LEOS EXPIRES: ...[-Metal+Democ= Conscript(Rifleman) ...[-WarCode+Monar= Feud(Pike,SUNTZU-300,xWarrior) ...[-Feud+Horse= Chiv(Knight,xHorse) ...[-Chiv+Gun= Leadership(Dragoon) ...[-Conscr+Ldrshp= Tactics(Calv,AlpSki) -Steel+Combust= %Automobile(BB,SuperHighway!,xLEOS) ...[EARLY MOBWAR OPTION (needs Early Tactics): ...[Auto+Tactics= #MobileWarfare(Armor,xSUNTZU) ...(NOTE:Barb Pirates stop after first MobWar discovery) -Auto+Corp= %MassProduction(MassTransit-xPopPollution) ...[EARLY NUKES OPTION: ...[-Physics+ThGrav= AtomTheory ...[-MassProd+AtomTheory= NucFission(*MANHATTANPROJ!) ...[EARLY RECYCLING OPTION: ...[-MassProd+Democ= Recycling(RecyclCtr-x2/3ShieldPollution) GOAL: Refrigeration & Electronics: (NOTE:Refrig is off-path to SpaceShip, but allows more Scientists in SSC/STC) Elec+San= Refrigeration(SuperMarket,Farmland) -Corp+Elec= Electronics(HydroPlant,HOOVER) GOAL: Tactics/Calvary: -Metal+Democ= Conscript(Rifleman) -WarCode+Monar= Feud(Pike,SUNTZU,xWarrior) -Feud+Horse= Chiv(Knight,xHorse) -Chiv+Gun= Leadership(Dragoon) -Conscr+Ldrshp= Tactics(Calv,AlpSki) ...[MECH-INF OPTION: ...[Tactics+Comm= GuerWar ...[MassProd+GuerWar= LaborUnion(MechInf) GOAL: Computers & Robotics/ManufPlant -Tactics+Steel= MachTool(Artil) -MachTools+Electro= Miniatur(OffshorePlatform) -MassProd+Miniatur= @Computers(ResLab,SETI) Auto+Tactics=MobWar(Armor,xSUNTZU) (NOTE:Barb Pirates stop after first MobWar discovery) MobileWar+Comput= Robotics(Howitzer,ManufacPlant) ...[NUKES & LASER before Flight kills Colossus-see LATE NUKES ...[-Physics+ThGrav= AtomTheory ...[-MassProd+AtomTheory= NucFission(*MANHATTANPROJ!) ...[-NucFission+Electro= @NucPower(NucPlant) ...[-NucPower+MassProd= @Laser(SDI) GOAL: SpaceFlight -Combust+ThGrav= Flight(Fighter,xCOLOSSUS) (NOTE:losing Colossus in a maxed SSC can drop 25-50+ trade arrows) -Flight+Electro= Radio(Airport/Airbase) -Radio+MachTool= AdvFlight(Bomber) ...[VERTICAL WAR: ...[AdvFlight+MobWar= CombinedArms(Helo,Paratroop)) -AdvFlight+Electro= @Rocket(SAM,Missile,Aegis) ...[NUKES BEFORE SPACEFLIGHT minimizes techs to launch: ...[-Physics+ThGrav= AtomTheory ...[-MassProd+AtomTheory= NucFission(*MANHATTANPROJ!) ...[-NucFission+Electro= @NucPower(NucPlant) ...[-NucPower+MassProd= @Laser(SDI) -Rocket+Comput= @SpaceFlight(APOLLO,SSStructure(80)) ...[LATE RECYCL/ENVIRO OPTION: ...[MassProd+Democ= Recycling(RecyclCtr-x2/3ShieldPollution) ...[SpaceFlight+Recycl= %Environmentalism(SolPlant-xAllShieldPollution) GOAL: SpaceShip Parts & Fusion -SpaceFlight+Refine= %Plastics(SSComponent-Prop/Fuel(160)) ...[LATEST NUKES OPTION: ...[-Physics+ThGrav= AtomTheory ...[-MassProd+AtomTheory= NucFission(*MANHATTANPROJ!) ...[-NucFission+Electro= @NucPower(NucPlant) ...[-NucPower+MassProd= @Laser(SDI) -Plastic+Laser= Superconductor(SSModule-Hab/LifSup/SolPwr(320)) -Supercond+NucPower= Fusion (increase SpaceShip speed) GOAL: Pollution Minimization and FutureTechs MassProd+Democ= Recycling(RecyclCtr-x2/3ShieldPollution) SpaceFlight+Recycl= %Environmentalism(SolPlant-xAllShieldPollution) Fusion+Recycling= FutureTech... Not "necessary" for SpaceShip: PolyTheism (leads to MonoTheism) MonoTheism(*=MikesChapel/contentment) Theology(*=BachsCathedral/contentment) Sanitation(*=bigger cities) Communism (leads to Espionage) Espionage (Spies!) Refrigeration(*=farmland) GuerillaWar (leads to LaborUnion) MobileWar (ManufPlant) LaborUnion (MechInf) Robotics(*=ManufPlant) CombinedArms (Helo,ParaTroops) Environmentalism(*=SolarPlant,reduce pollution) Recycling(*=RecycleCtr) GeneticEng(*=CureCancer/happiness) FutureTech(*=5 points per) Spaceships: Smallest: 15 Struc, 1 Propul, 1 Fuel, 1 Hab, 1 Sup, 1 Pwr: 36yrs Best OCC: 15 Struc, 3 Propul, 3 Fuel, 1 Hab, 1 Sup, 1 Pwr: 15.7yrs Fastest: 33 Struc, 8 Propul, 8 Fuel, 1 Hab, 1 Sup, 1 Pwr: 5.7yrs Biggest: 39 Struc, 8 Propul, 8 Fuel, 4 Hab, 4 Sup, 4 Pwr: 6.9yrs

old n Slow wrote

Hmmm, let’s see. I think that the best tech plan should have at least two elements -- one is an achievable goal, and the second is flexibility. I like your structure -- having the sets of goals and the parts that make them up. What I’d like to offer is a set of whys. For instance, why Monarchy over an early Republic? I prefer Monarchy because: 1) shield pressure is greater, 2) search is a critical need at this time, 3) growth (extensive with building new settlers) is more important fir future science than trade arrows early on. Next choice? I may go for philosophy, especially at the higher levels, for reasons of the free tech -- if I don’t go for it ASAP, I’ll lose out to the Germans who opted for an early Republic…On the other hand, Trade is an obvious choice, Maps have a 5% chance of being important at this stage, and of course the always fun option of overeager neighbors, leading to Poly or Iron. So after Monarchy, a few cities, some searching, we have the next stage of assessment -- what kind of pressures are on my civ & what kind of opportunities exist? During the Monarchy path, the space for the “off” tech looms as an opportunity for the seed for the second goal -- BW for defense, Trade or a Wonder, or Writing for Barbs, Philosophy, Republic. Of course Pot (especially for Deity & ICS) or WC for the serious war mongers comes to mind, but some an advanced thoughts is -- what techs do the ai’s research at the start & are available early on? With that thought in mind, I figure that outside starter techs (Masonry, for example) can be acquired through trade (yes, they’ll slow down my current path, but not necessarily my intermediate goal). For me then, I normally see one of three pressures -- 1) a civ too close, (in which case I’ll need enough size & enough units to have sufficient ‘respect’ to do what I want) 2) land too small (rare, but it happens) or 3) open space with no contact (large world, Prince or King level) where the pressure may be to build the Wonders that I want. In the latter case, the pressure is also on the science path to have the techs to build the Wonders I want. At King & below, I usually see pressure for the ancient Wonders, and the rest are easily obtainable. I’ve only played emperor & Deity a few times, and those times found continuing pressure with the second group of Wonders, Copes, Shakes, KRC, and sometimes even the third group, Mikes, Leos, Magellan What I’d like to recommend is a two tiered plan for a tech path. The first would be those techs that are so key, that the tech or two ahead are grouped together as a set. The second is grouping the ‘helper’ techs. For example, Alphabet, Chem, & Phy aren’t researched as end products -- they are simply enabling techs. Monarchy is a goal, Trade is a goal, but Philosophy, Medicine, and Maps may be arguable. I would place Mikes & Theo as goals, since they seem to be off the main line (of say Space Flight or Tactics). I would also place Astro as a goal (Copes & a SSC) and I have Eng (KRC) as a goal along with Invention. (However, I now have mixed feelings about the urgency of Invention -- I recall a thread noting that the discovery of Invention ended the blessings of hut having techs available, and once a player had both Invention and Navigation, camels yielded a reduced bounty. If so, then some search & trade strategies should be worked out long ahead of time.) Next step in my mind would be the identification of key goals (some limited number perhaps), and maybe secondary goals. For instance, If you are in the middle of researching Math (plan: Astro & Copes) with a tech coming every six turns, and an announcement comes in that the Vikes have started the Pyramids (with every expectation that they will finish), do you switch to Masonry (losing a turn, and if you planned you’d know that it would be two research turns, twelve game turns) next time, or skip the Pyramids? It happened to me I was rushing towards Eng, having some shields presaved (GW I think) in my SSC for KRC & heard that the Aztecs (who were about to finish LH, but England built it) switched to Copes -- & I didn’t know Math, let alone Astro ( but after hearing that I rush finished Marco’s & became very good buddies & happily got Copes, but missed out elsewhere). From a practical perspective, I’d recommend running the list out to about Industrialization (29/53) or Tactics (30/54). The first numbers in paras show the number of prerecs required, and the second is the rank of the tech ordered by fewest prereqs. The purpose in running the list out that far is to have an idea of goals and tech paths while one shakes out the better paths at the early stages. I recall a discussion at Poly that noted a dramatic increase in beakers after tech #20, so the discussion there was a prioritization (recognizing the oedo tech effects) of early techs. For a long run perspective, OCC can get to Superconductor (necessary, Fusion Power is nice and only one tech more) with 68 prereqs. One “bypasses” the advanced military, Poly & religious (and Commie) & dead end techs (although Refrig should ‘pay’ for itself) & you’re on your way. With some luck & helpful ai’s some of the less urgent techs (WC, Feud, etc.) might come along in a timely fashion, not impeding, not slowing for Just-in-Time tech activity. For a hard core OCC tech plan, I think that a couple of list of not so urgent techs & when they are needed should be set up as ‘trade’ goals -- with a sense of when along the tech tree should these techs be acquired.