The Civilinic Books

Corruption and Waste
by Slow Thinker

Under most systems of government, the corruption and waste experienced by a city increase with distance from the capital. The formula:

Corruption = ((Trade x Distance) x 3 / (20 x (4 + Government))

Additional ConstantGovernment
0Communism and Democracy


the city's distance from the capital (diagonal squares count as 1.5 squares). The maximum value of Distance = 36.


Government + 1, if the city is celebrating "We Love The * Day".


(Distance x 2) + Difficulty Level (possible values = 0 through to 5), if the government is Despotism.
I have tested the corruption and waste formulas and they are false enough.
Results of my testing:

Corruption = Trade x DistanceFactor * TenTenFactor / 100

Waste = ShieldSurplus x DistanceFactor * TenTenFactor / 100

The results are rounded down. TenTen factor depends on the government and represents the corruption/waste in a city with trade=10 at distance 10 from the capital:
Anarchy 3.75=115/4 3.75=15/4
Despotism 3= 15/53= 5/5
Monarchy 2.5=15/6 1.25=15/12
Under Communism, Fundamentalism and Democracy the corruption/waste is always 0.

Communism may be changed in rules.txt file; by default the file contains the following line: 0 ; Empire is equivalent of this palace distance.

There is no tax and beaker output under anarchy and so the corruption is irrelevant.
Notice waste is taken from the shield surplus, the shield support isn't taken into account.


Distance + DifficultyLevel

Max. DistanceFactor-32
Max. Distance16-


Under Anarchy and Despotism the DifficultyLevel is: chieftain=0... deity=5
Under Monarchy and Republic it is always 0.

The courthouse and a road to the capital

The courthouse and road to the capital multiplies the formula result:
Road to capital-2/3
Values are rounded down immediately.
The courthouse acts first, the road second.
The road must follow the direction of the go-to order. See the picture in the Interesting observations on the effects of roads on trade thread.

Building the capital

Switching your production choice to Palace in any city (multiple cities) will eliminate waste (not corruption) in that city during the build time. This is valid only if you have no Palace yet (no capital).

Any city with a Palace in it (the "capital" ) will have no corruption or waste whatsoever.